Ok.  Autodesk just sent out a email, ad hopefully you got it.  It appears as though there have been a few changes since I attended 2 years ago.  I have revised the last AU post, but am adding this for any that already read it.

No Handouts, No Agendas

“AU will not be providing attendees with printed personal agendas. Be sure to print yours and bring it to the show. Be sure to print your class handouts as well. AU will not be providing printed handouts except those for hands-on labs.
Handouts will be available for printing starting November 17. To print the handouts, go to AU 2009 Class catalog, search for the class, click on the Session ID link, and then under Class Materials near the top of the class details page, click the handout links. Some classes have additional documents or samples, so be sure to print all of them. “

…per the ’News you can use for AU’ email received this afternoon

Sorry folks.  It appears as though cost cutting has us by the chucks again.  Print Everything out!!!!  Handouts, agendas, maps, and anything you can’t live without.

Don’t forget that if you want a solid breakfast, you’ll have to bring that too.


image I remember the 2005 guys had these beautiful laptop bags, wheels and all.  The shoulder bags we received the following 2 years were progressively less useful.  Pretty, tough, nice, but I I can’t get a laptop in it, I really can’t use it.  ..and don’t mention those mini-computer things… If it won’t run Civil 3D and Inventor, no thanks.

This year I am really happy to announce that there will be BACKPACKS again.  I hope they are as nice as the ones from 2005….or better. (pic was taken from the Autodesk sales site)  I don’t mind printing my stuff out so much now.

I am still miffed about Breakfast.