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Why Don’t My Draft Files Automatically Revise?

A common problem I hear about is that, even after all the setup to use the built-in data management tools with Solid Edge, the draft files don’t automatically revise when I revise a part or assembly file.  Why not?

Like many things with Solid Edge, there is a text file controlling that.  If you don’t have the text file configured properly, and Solid Edge pointing to the location of the text file, the draft file won’t automatically revise.

File Management Options

Before we even need to worry about the text file, though, we need to check the simple solution first.  In the Solid Edge Options -> File Management tab, there is a checkbox to “Automatically revise drawings that use the selected 3D document.”  If this isn’t checked, that’s your problem.

Solid Edge Options - File Management Tab
When revising documents, make sure you automatically revise drawings that use the selected 3D documents.


By default, the location of this file is

At this time, I can’t seem to find a way to point to this file in a network/shared location, so each Solid Edge client may have to update this file individually.

The instructions are defined in the file itself, and are easy.  Essentially, type in the URL of your CAD vault.

You’re file won’t have a C:\Users\Scott\… URL.  I’m showing my vault location as an example.


There are 2 steps to have the draft file automatically revise with the associated 3D document.

  1. Check the box to revise the draft file the File Management Options.
  2. Edit FastSearchScope.txt file (in the Preferences subfolder) to include your vault URL.

Happy Edging, and leave a comment letting me know how your data management is going with the new built-in data management tools.

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