Editing the Variables (Parameters) Table in any CAD software can be a big pain in the fanny. Each modeling software has it’s own peculiarities too, and Solid Edge is no different. One shining virtue in Solid Edge is being able to paste multiple formulas into the Variables Table. This is a real time saver, especially when you have multiples of a feature that need to be automated.

Variables Help Automate Design Variations

Solid Edge Paste Multiple Formula

Solid Edge allows users to control variables by equations in the formulas field. For example, you might want the chord of a compressor blade to be 1/3 that of its height. You could enter that manually, or instead, automate it with an equation.

var CRotor1 = HRotor1/3

This is one way users can automate their design variations. However, entering all those equations can be a rather tedious process.

Paste Multiple Formulas

Siemens PLM designed Solid Edge to permit users to paste multiple formulas into the Variables Table. It’s simple:

  1. Copy the equation needed
  2. Select multiple formula fields with the mouse and shift/control key
  3. Right-click over the selection
  4. Paste

In this example I was using this tip to control the extension of all my blade surfaces, by the same amount. If I need to tweak it, I will only have to change one variable.

Solid Edge Paste Multiple Formula


I found this out the hard way, and hoped to help others that were not quite ‘in the know’. Being able to paste multiple formulas is one cool trick. Consequently, I’ll be looking for more Variables Table tips to share soon.