While working within an assembly in Siemens Solid Edge, I often bind component coordinate systems together. In many cases you cannot do this if you cannot see the coordinate system base marker in order to select it. I found it quite annoying at first, trying to determine how to turn on the visibility of reference features such as planes of origin, coordinate system markers, and so forth. How complex should it be?

The reason that you have to take an extra step is because Solid Edge gives you the capability to show and hide almost anything from a single location.

Show/Hide Component

This is the command that allow users to turn on the visibility of almost anything inside a selected component file or files.

Solid Edge Show Hide Component Visibility

Select the component, and then pick Show/Hide Component… from the right-click context menu.

Solid Edge Show Hide Component Dialog

The image above shows the dialog; the list of items that users can turn on and off are as follows:

  • Reference Planes
  • Sketches
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Reference Axes
  • Surfaces
  • Curves
  • Centerlines
  • Live Sections
  • PMI Dimensions
  • PMI Annotations
  • The Design Body




In this example I turned on the Coordinate System for the selected shaft, and it appears in the image below.

Siemens Solid Edge Hide Show Components

Keep checking back with us. Much more Solid Edge to come.