Siemens announced the release of FEMAP 11.1, which is ready to download. Following a great version 11 release, 11.1 contains a wide range of enhancements and some new functionality.  The list is quite impressive and offers something for everyone.

Siemens FEMAP 11.1 Release news

Highlighted Benefits

The what’s new brief from Siemens highlighted:

  • Improved graphics performance and faster model manipulation
  • Improved flexibility in creating models and extending geometry modeling methods
  • Ease of use improvements in FE model creation and control
  • Faster and more flexible postprocessing
  • Extended analysis discipline with enhanced NX Nastran integration

Additional items I dug up in the brief summary were:

  • Tetrahedral Auto-meshing will now force multiple elements through a thickness
  • Enhanced Midsurface extraction
  • OpenGL 4.2 shader support (shader workload now handled by GPU)
  • Copy and offset mesh by specified distance
  • Charting enhancements
  • Much more…

Get all the details here at the Siemens Femap 11.1 What’s New page.