imagePart of the design I am engaged in will be to furnish variable speed, high-torque DC power for the mill head. There are numerous options, but as a starting point I selected this Pacific Scientific 1 HP unit. If anyone has better options for this, leave me a comment here.


I’ve added the motor to my models on GrabCAD, and made it available to anyone who wants it.

Don’t forget to check in with them now and again. GrabCAD is developing services and new options for their members. For example, they are giving away free vouchers for services today. Free.

SolidSmack Spacepilot

SolidSmack is giving away a free Spacepilot again in a contest geared to raise awareness about GrabCAD and it’s services. Just upload a model to your profile on GrabCAD, and post a link on SolidSmack’s contest page. If you don’t have a profile, it’s really easy to create one for free.