imageAs you all know, I am a member of GrabCAD, and have been trying to promote their hard work. So when I have a few minutes, I upload things that I needed that were a bit hard to find. While they might be available, they are buried in a mile of login crap and a fairly slow and painful navigation process. So I choose GrabCAD as the location to store my public content.

I needed some AN fittings to test the fit with, and ended up working hours just to gather the specifications. Fortunately SPS had SAE 37° Flared fittings, with specs and models, exactly what I needed and was able to validate the component fit and function. I rebuild the components and add the Inventor Features where I need them.

Digital Prototyping and the future

imageThis part of the post really isn’t about Digital Prototyping as much as it is a gripe session about companies that feel like if they put out too much info about their product, they’ll be giving things away. I don’t spec companies products unless I get the information / model, that I can verify and use. If I can’t rebuild it from your information, I cannot use it in my design.

Look around. The entire point of Digital Prototyping, and BIM for that matter, is to be able to use YOUR product to pass on the product information to the design, so that we know not only how the product functions in our design, but how it fits. Field fits cost money, and when things go smoothly, everyone comes back for more. Hell, everyone will be confused and overjoyed. This isn’t going to go away. The ability to integrate purchased components that the design depends upon, into the design process from the start is critical to every design process out there.

When the contractor says “I don’t have these…” I say use this. I designed around these features, and know they will work properly. Here is the company URL and the distributor telephone number.”

I am specifying SPS in this case because their information was detailed and the models were even available. I add the Inventor Thread features from the specifications, Company part number info, and add it to my library. Will I add yours? ask yourself this question: “Is my detailed part information out there?”. That’s your answer.

As time continues, I’ll add more useful components to GrabCAD after having to create them myself.

Link to my latest model upload on GrabCAD.