preview2I have spent the last week in and out of gear tooth profile data, as well as models supplied by Autodesk and others, looking for the best bevel gear solutions. I needed a one and have been quite unhappy with the results certain (bevel gear) solutions provide. I decided to create a simple Bevel Gear Generator, using some of Autodesk Inventor’s sweet capabilities and a lot of research on involute geometry.

The Gear Generator

The generator automates almost any gear tooth ration combination. Currently it involves splined involute profiles, and responds to any reasonable input with the typical ANSI/AGMA Tooth and Diametral Pitch inputs.  The standard 90° unit has been completed, and includes basic user correction capabilities. The next version which includes non-perpendicular shaft angles and adjustable center distances is currently under way. Basic torque verifications and spiral teeth may be something for the near future.

I’ll post some samples to GrabCAD soon.

Inventor Articles

In the near future, I’ll cover some topics such as the gear geometries available, using surfaces to speed up results, and a few other interesting tid-bits. Of course I’ll throw in a few things that you just don’t want to try.

NVIDIA and AEC articles

The results of my NVIDIA tests will be coming up, and we can compare notes with how well the Quadro 5000m has performed with the applications you actually use.

Additionally  I have some research that has been brewing on one of my pet interests. A couple great interviews and some real insight into what is going on at Autodesk research and development.