imageI’ve moved up to the Motor section to get some gear time in. I love Autodesk Inventor Design Accelerators as many of you know, and the Gear Generator is no exception. I will say due to its problematic, or should I say unfriendly nature, that it’s not my favorite tool.

I have learned along the way some tools to help make this kind of job much better.

First is my iLogic Bevel Gear Generator, which will be available soon, for a small fee. It makes short work out of Bevel Gears, including non-perpendicular angles of approach, and user correction.  Additionally, unlike many gear tools for CAD, the geometry is fully involute.

Another thing that is really helpful is a well set up skeleton to plan and control the gears. Once planned and prepared, Sketch Blocks in the gearbox sub-assembly  save the day.

I’m pulling together another article on doing this form of preparation, and the tid-bits that will keep it from becoming a tragic affair.