I was working with Bettak’s 5 axis mill concept within Siemens Solid Edge ST7, and needed to rename some parts within the assembly.

One example would be to rename RAPIMA,cover,side RMX-15Ð×°.par with RAPIMA,cover,side RMX-15L.par

You can edit the part name, but not the file name because it already exists in storage. However you can work around this easily by replacing the part with a copy.

Replace Part with Copy

There are two ways to perform this:

  • Pick it from the ribbon’s Modify panel
  • Select the component -> pick More from the context menu -> Replace Part with Copy

Solid Edge ST7 - Replace Part with Copy


You are then prompted with a file dialog where you can give the component a new name (and location if desired).

All that is needed to be done in my case is to delete the old unwanted file.