This year, Simulation should be a huge hit at Autodesk University 2011. I say this because Autodesk has poured a lot of resources into making sure everyone who wants to know more about their Simulation lineup can get all the hands-on time and information they can stand.



Hands On Lab

Derrek Cooper, product manager at Autodesk, is everywhere lately, and along with Luke Mihelcic Technical Marketing Manager, will be hosting the only Simulation hands-on-lab, which of course will be Autodesk Simulation CFD 2013. This is the best place to get some insight into the new directions the company will take with CFD.

MA4357-L-P Simulation PowerTrack: Step into the Future with Autodesk® Simulation CFD 2013

Ad-Hoc Customer Sessions

Voice of the customer sessions (which are full by the way), UX, and Focus groups are scheduled for each day from Tuesday to Thursday.  Fusion, Simulation Mechanical, Moldflow, Simulation CFD, and Kraken are all included.  Hanno Van Raalte and Derrek Cooper will be doing some invitation only stuff during the conference as well.

At the Autodesk Manufacturing Booth

A machine will be available to everyone to try out the entire Simulation product line, with experts standing by to assist.

In the Manufacturing Lounge

A “Sim Answer Pod” with another machine stuffed with the Autodesk Simulation lineup will be open throughout the conference. On the backside of the pod will be a TV running demo reels of Kraken, and some flyers that customers can take with details on where to sign-up for the beta.

Power Track Sessions

MA7400-P PowerTrack Keynote: Future Directions in Simulation

Ian Pendlebury, Director of Simulation Engineering and Franco Costa, Senior Research Leader will be previewing anticipated features in the Autodesk® Moldflow® 2013 release.

MA8160-P High-Performance Building Design Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Roger Chang, Principal at Westlake Reed Leskosky will cover BIM-integrated workflows for evaluating condensation risk and thermal comfort using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and 2D heat transfer analysis.

MA7403-P Stressed Up: From Autodesk® Inventor® Simulation to Autodesk Simulation Mechanical

Two friends of mine, Wasim Younis, Senior Application Engineer at Symetri, and James Herzing, Technical Consultant at Autodesk will discuss how to take analysis beyond Inventor Simulation into Simulation Mechanical (formerly Algor® Simulation).

MA7404-P Simulation: Keep It SIMPLE and SMART

Shakeel Mirza, Simulation Consultant and Michael Smell, Technical Consultant for Industry Management are great presenters and will be hosting this lecture on the balance between accuracy and simulation time constraints for Autodesk® Inventor® Professional, and particularly Autodesk Simulation (formerly Algor®).

Shakeel’s classes are always a hit.

MA7421-P Case Studies: Simulation Problem Solving for Industrial Machinery and Consumer Product Design

Shakeel Mirza and James Herzing will team up to explore different industrial and commercial product applications in which Autodesk customers are successfully using Autodesk® Simulation tools. They will describe the application of dynamic simulation, stress analysis, thermal analysis, and fluid dynamics to industrial machinery, consumer products, transportation, and other areas.

MA4619-P Simulation PowerTrack: CFD for Electronics Cooling

Thomas Mello, Simulation Specialist at Informative Design Partners will discuss how leveraging computational fluid dynamics (CFD) up front in the digital prototyping process allows leading companies to dramatically optimize designs

MA7405-P Advanced Techniques for Nonlinear Contact and Drop Shock Analysis

Shoubing Zhuang, Sr Research Engineer at Autodesk and Michael Smell will explore nonlinear contact to simulate cool contact models using Autodesk® Simulation Mechanical (formerly Algor®)?

If it’s packed out, I’ll sell my seat for about $500, no less. :-p

MA7422-P Advanced Thermal, Nonlinear Stress, Fatigue, and Vibration Workflow

Bruno Fairy, Technical Specialist for Simulation & Analysis at Parker Hannifin Corporation will team up with James Herzing to look at the most complex analysis types offered by Autodesk Simulation (formerly Algor®).

MA4614-P Simulation PowerTrack: CFD for Sustainability and Safety in Labs, Clean Rooms, and Health Care

Parker Wright, Applications Engineer at Autodesk will explore how leading firms are leveraging computational fluid dynamics (CFD) using Autodesk® Simulation CFD (formerly CFdesign®) to maximize safety and comfort while minimizing energy consumption in labs, clean rooms, and healthcare facilities, resulting in increased business and win rates.s

MA4712-P Simulation PowerTrack: Working with Any CAD Format and Autodesk® Simulation

Luke Mihelcic, Technical Marketing Manager at Autodesk will show us how multi-CAD engineering organizations are using Autodesk Simulation tools, and will do a little Fusion work too.

MA4346-P The Future of Simulation Is Infinite Computing via the Cloud

Derrek Cooper and Luke Mihelcic will talk about Autodesk® Simulation CFD, formerly CFdesign®, and the cloud computing horizon.


I wanted more hands on labs for all the Simulation products, but that will not be the case this year. So, make them let you play with Simulation Mechanical, Simulation CFD, Moldflow, Fusion, and Kraken as much as you can. Once you get your hands on these products, you will never want to go back to what you had before. AU will be the place to find out why.