Inventor 2016 is pumped full of new features which makes it difficult to take it all in. Many of the new features will go unnoticed or unused as you try to understand and use the “big” new features. Take sketching for example, nothing mind blowing here, but a couple nice little enhancements to make the nitty-gritty day-to-day sketching just a little bit easier


Identify the Sketch Source Plane. This gets a thumbs up from Scott. You can quickly Identify the Sketch Source Plane by right-clicking on the sketch (within the browser) and selecting Show Input. The face or plane the sketch was created on highlights (thumbs up). However, although the workplane highlights and displays the workplane name, it does not select it nor locate it within the browser (thumbs down)

Inventor 2016 Sketching - Show Inputs

Inventor 2016 Sketching - Show Inputs WorkPlanes

Share the sketch by dragging it above its feature in the browser. Can’t think I’ve ever wished this, but I know I’ll be using it from now on!

The Wrap to Surface option of Project to Surface is now more predictable, especially when wrapping to multiple surfaces.

The right click object snap menu has additional options: Endpoint, Apparent Intersection, Quadrant, and Mid of 2 points.

Inventor 2016 Sketching - Object Snaps


Create Tangent Dimensions Between Circular or Arc Geometry

Inventor 2016 Sketching - Tangent Dimensions

Hiding Sketch Dimensions is now in the Object Visibility list, available in both parts and assemblies.

Inventor 2016 Sketching - Object Visibility


Show All Constraints Persistence…. turn on Show All Constraints and it remains on as you sketch, even as you add geometry. Previously it only showed the constraints for the objects that existed when it was turned on.