In the event that you are using Symantec Norton 360 and installing Solid Edge, here’s a quick tip that can save you weeks of frustration.

I have been fighting a Solid Edge ST6 install for about a whole week, and shortly after my machine goes idle, the software will no longer open part and assembly files, nor create new ones. This is the message that you get:

  • Could not construct a persistent object:
  • Object Description: Name Manager
  • Clsid: {BB633140-33E6-11CF-A2D3-080036DCCB02}
  • Clsid may not be properly registered.
  • Unable to find or load:

Windows 7 Clsid error message

It would have been much more helpful if it could just have told me what it was trying to find.

We used all the standard precautions during the install and uninstall, including disabling the anit-virus (Norton 360) and cleaning the registry thoroughly. Everything was find until I left the machine. 3 files were quarantined just as soon as Norton performed the threat scanning at idle time. (I noticed that it only happened after the machine went to sleep, so I started focusing on that and discovered these entries in my File Insight threat log.)

Suspicious Cloud 7 F

  • Namedvw.dex
  • tcmemcppbindingv100.dll
  • tcservercppbindingv100.dll

Norton 360 quarantines Siemens Solid Edge ST6

Norton 360 quarantines Siemens Solid Edge ST6

After reinstalling for the 5th time and putting a scan exclusion on the entire folder structure of Solid Edge, Norton 360 no longer hoses my installation.