Broken Vault

I noticed the craziest thing the other night, my Vault Items weren’t auto-numbering sequentially any more. I know they should have been, since I’m the only one with access to the administrative side of our Vault & certainly the only one with access to my Vault at home and I damn well set it up perfectly 12 months ago. It was gone midnight at this point, my brain was frazzled so off to bed I toddled.

So what happened?

The next day as soon as I got to work, I had to have a look to see if the same thing was happening there & sure enough it was. I was pretty wild at that point, it had taken me days of learning, testing & understanding to figure out the best balance of automation and flexibility but worse I hadn’t documented it (silly me). Thankfully I was able to ring Gavin Bath who works for our reseller CADPro and talk through it with him, talking about these things with like minded people often yields the result you need. After about an hour on the phone it did, we had compared my UDP settings & mappings to OOTB configuration (resellers tend to maintain old OEM installs of software, Yippee!) then suddenly Gavin noticed the System Property ‘Number’ had the ‘Initial Value’ set to mapped.

How was it fixed?

I had no idea there were a whole new set of mappings available tucked away in the Initial Value drop down, they are completely independent from the property maps in the mapping tab. That was it, once I deleted it my Item numbering configuration was back to how it was.


So thats left me wondering how & when this Initial Value mapping was setup. At first I wondered if it occurred during the in place upgrade of my 2012 ADMS to 2013, but it could also have been one of the Hotfixes or Vault Update 1 which changed the setting. Has anyone else noticed this change in their Vault Item Master setup?