Recently we announced the close of the Morgan Motor Company Ad Contest. While the Judges are making their decision, the public community voting is already underway. Here is your chance to help one of these skilled individuals win a great HP Workstation.

There are about 50 great entries, but one caught my eye and I kept coming back to it

John’s choice for the win

One to drive, one to admire” by David Morgan Stark is my favorite.

I’d do the very same thing. If I had something as gorgeous as that, I’d want to admire it when I couldn’t drive it. The color scheme on the vehicle and in the setting are great and the quality of the rendering is superb. The artist knows his color and lighting, not to mention the setting and concept are sweet. The slogan and byline bring it all together and make this ad a winner in my opinion. Not to mention, I really enjoy looking at the image. It’s beautiful, and I would love to get a breakdown on the software, workflows, and lighting setup used.

David Morgan Stark Morgan Motor Company Ad entry

What are your thoughts on this entry? Does it deserve to win? Does this artist give classes?

Honorable Mention

I did want to make a mention about Tariq Ahmed’s entry: “Leave Everything Else Behind”.

Tariq Ahmed Morgan Motor Company Ad entry

I thought that slogan really set the tone for ‘just jump in and ride’. While I don’t feel that the overall ad should be the big winner, I think the slogan embodied the spirit of the Morgan Motor Company 3-wheeler more than the others.


Mike picks

Technology with history” By Germano Vieira” 

Germano Vieira Morgan motor Company Ad Entry

The legacy in the background (subtlety) and the new in the foreground. The use of the grey to make the car pop is a a nice touch…. clean, elegant, classy. This is my current pick for the win

Uno para manejar, uno para admirar” By David Morgan Stark” 

David Morgan Stark Morgan Motor Company Ad entry

I like this one for how off the wall and different it is, putting a car in a bathroom, brilliant! Would be the perfect magazine cover for something, even if I’m not sure what [ed. perhaps a car?]. The use of red and green wouldn’t be my first choice, too Christmas, but the lighting coming from the window puts the focus on the car.


Scott’s Favorites

Morgan 3 Wheeler. Timeless design, unforgettable experience” By Gus Petrikas

Gus Patrikas Morgan Motor Company Ad Entry
I love the simplicity of this entry and I just can’t help but wonder what is under that cover!?! Such a tease, is it the next Morgan 3 Wheeler?

[ed. I know we’re a bit biased with Gus, but it’s hard not to love his work; beautiful materials and great lighting]
Technology with history” By Germano Vieira” 

Germano Vieira Morgan motor Company Ad Entry

I think this is a really clever use of the rendered car, its composition within the background and the worn folded look. This flyer has been in a school boys trouser pocket for months, I can just imagine him pulling it out everyday on his walk to & from school. It’s the stuff great cars are made of.


Which of these entries will win it? Vote and tell us what you think. We’d really enjoy hearing everyone else’s thoughts and picks.

Here is the link to the Morgan motor Company Ad Competition submissions and voting. Voting ends April 10th, 2014.