Last week C-Cubed Technologies launched the next release of the excellent Autodesk Inventor add-in iPropWiz V6, I’m not going to talk about it much within the body of this post since I’ve already written an article reviewing one of the last beta versions. To read the full article please click here. There have been a few subtle changes but nothing too significant. So instead here are a few snippets from the article:


iPropwiz V1

  • 2002 – iPropWiz V1
  • 2004 – iPropWiz V2
  • iPropWiz V3 (Never Released)
  • Late 2008 – iPropWiz 2009 (V4)
  • 2010 – iPropWiz V5
  • 2013 – iPropWiz V6

Scott: When & why did you start iPropWiz?

Sean: I first wrote iPropWiz in 2002 as a VBA macro.  I was tired of users using the wrong fields for properties (Descriptions vs. Title etc.).  It was fairly primitive compared to what we now have.

iPropwiz Role

iPropwiz V6


Scott: How would you define iPropWiz V6’s primary role?

Neil: Practices on how/when properties are filled in are so variable that we can’t tailor it to fit one solution. The ability to make it easy to check & reasonably easy to fill in, is probably the best we can do. Encouraging users to fill in property info at the part level, or in small assemblies is part & parcel of making it as painless as possible.

Sheet Metal & Model Extents

iPropWiz can now export a set of ordered extents (smallest to largest). This is supported for both Model & Sheet metal extents.


I’m extremely excited about this release of iPropWiz. It has solved a number of problems I’ve been wrestling with in my office for years. Not only will it solve some of those problems, the tools it provides will improve the productivity of our own in house productivity add-ins.

iPropWiz is one of those add-ins within the Autodesk Inventor community, of which people consistently wonder why Autodesk haven’t bought it and added it into the product so everyone can benefit. Although, it’s hardly expensive, so there’s really no excuse why every Inventor seat ever purchased, should just tack this onto their initial purchase cost.

During the review of this article with Neil & Sean, Neil revealed that more than 90% of user’s requests had been implemented in this release. This incredible achievement really shows in the product, the more you tinker with it the more you realize just how good this tool is. The ROI this wizardry affords is a no brainer. Go get it & enjoy a veritable productivity jump.

So what are you waiting for go purchase your copy now.