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Inventor | Sheet Metal Flange Width Extents

There area occasions where you want to add a flange, but not to the entire edge of a part. In this example, this seal frame will sit upon a gasket, and needs some undisturbed surface area adjacent to the vertical flange. We can modify the width and position of the flange while we create it.

Autodesk Inventor 2013 Sheet Metal Flange Width    Autodesk Inventor 2013 Sheet Metal Flange Width

Width Extents

In the Flange tool, pick the ‘More’ chevron button at the bottom to expand the dialog. You should then notice the width extents option. Under this option are:

  • Edge – Default option, that uses the entire length of the edge to produce the flange
  • Width – Uses a width parameter to develop the flange, and places it either centered, or optionally offset from either end of the edge selected
  • Offset – Allows the user to specify offset distances from either end of the selected edge to start and stop the flange
  • From/To – Allows the user to pick the flange’s start and end position. This option will build large flanges that the selected edge length

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