I am pleased to announce that John Evans Design is an InventorCAM Alliance Partner.


I’ll be writing various articles about the awesome integrated machining functionality for Autodesk Inventor, including key aspects of the software such as setup, Integration, Associativity, Updating features, Toolpaths, Feature Recognition, and a whole lot more.



I am a designer and troubleshooter at heart.  I love making new things almost as much as I enjoy designing them… and I love talking about all of it with people like you. Some time after I began writing for the Autodesk Product line, I realized how cool it would be to include some articles on CAM technology as well.

I had experience with a well know CAM application, so I looked at a demo of  it’s newest product line, (we’ll call it ‘CAM X’), thinking how much nicer it must be. I was very disappointed. CAM X still has awesome toolpaths, but the interface sucked, to put it mildly.

If you have to use it everyday, you don’t want the interface to suck

So I began hitting demo after demo of various CAM applications looking for the best out of each. As soon as I hit InventorCAM, I fell in love. I’m not saying that all of the features are better than anyone else’s application, but the interface was great, and setup was smooth. As an Inventor user, it felt right.

Help me make this partnership a benefit to everyone. I will start adding a few InventorCAM integration articles and reviews as time permits. Check in regularly for new info, and keep the comments coming.