Replace and Replace All are extremely powerful commands to have in just about any software. Nevertheless, I’d say the most useful place ever for these tools are in a database or spreadsheet application, basically any application which handles a crap load of boring old data. So its a very welcome sanity saving tool in Autodesk Vault, that is until its not available anymore, at that point it becomes pretty frustrating, and well frankly just a horrible tease! So check it out:

Right Clicking on the 'New Name' Column header reveals the Replace tool

Unfortunately the Property Edit Grid doesn't offer up the same goodies

At first glance a UI inconsistency suggests the 'Replace' tool isn't available for Copy Design

Turns out you have to Right Click on a Cell instead of the column header to access the 'Replace' tool

 A relatively minor inconsistency, but a big Productivity hit for those who use these tools often and confusing for those who don’t.