“Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.

As an Autodesk Vault user you will most likely have seen that non de-script message pop up a number of times. To be fair it pops up with a lot of windows software or add-ins. Well earlier this week all of the jobs in my Job Queue were instantly failing with that error. Only days before they had been working perfectly, so what had changed? I got on the phone to our reseller to talk it through, I then remembered the Job Processor is updated every year with each new release of Vault. I’d just upgraded our office to Vault 2013 but the 2012 Job Processor was set to run on windows startup. In addition Inventor 2013 instead of 2012 was registered with the operating system. As a result the 2012 job processor was trying to create dwf’s using Inventor 2013, obviously that wasn’t going to work. So I felt silly for a while, disabled the 2012 job processor and setup the 2013 one. From then on it worked perfectly. Duh! Problem solved after 10 minutes of expletives.