BusinessWire reported that a new release of Autodesk Inventor Engineer-To-Order was available, offering new web access. This product provides products in different configuration to consumers over the web, with:

  • Real-time access
  • 3D visualization
  • Customization options
  • Immediate feedback on design constraints and limitations
  • Accurate cost generation
  • Automated order and bid process

Autodesk has an online staircase sample set up here.

The process seems really cool, especially from a consumer’s perspective. The image below shows how the interface looked, and a little of the behavior.

Autodesk Inventor Engineer-To-Order

I changed the axial rotation to something problematic, and the system responded by configuring the model, and warning me that there were constraints that needed to be addressed (like you’d have to climb the stairs on your hands and knees). The price is updated, and you can instantly pick generate quote to proceed.

Additionally there is a 3D Model view that allows you to zoom in and review the design (to some degree).

Autodesk Inventor Engineer-To-Order   Autodesk Inventor Engineer-To-Order

The quote button produces a personalized quote from the seller, and adds a basic, itemized parts list to verify what you are purchasing.

All in all, very slick. There are a couple things I’d like to see.

First is more information on the ‘point of sale’ automation.

Additionally I’d like to see a configured model download to add to your designs, as well as a PLM 360 tie in.  It could happen.


The BusinessWire report

The Autodesk Product Page