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PLM 360 | Using PLM 360’s Recycle Bin


Often with Databases, once you delete an Item or Record, its gone forever. Fortunately Autodesk have created a really nice usability feature with PLM 360. When you delete an item it actually marks it as hidden instead of physically deleting it. This video shows you how to retrieve or un-delete Items you have accidentally deleted or need to resurrect.

I hope you find this useful.

Cheers Scott.

  • How PLM 360 manage links to deleted objects?

  • Scott_Moyse

    I will have to test it, but I believe they are maintained, since the record is only hidden but not deleted.

  • In many systems, I know, the similar functionality was released as an assignment of a specific status to document or item. At the end of the day, you don’t need to delete so many things in a real life. In my view, it is more about the lifecycle and not “delete” function. It is about Part or Document to become obsolete. Does it make sense? Best, Oleg

  • Scott_Moyse

    I agree. In fact its best not to delete, especially now storage space isn’t a problem.

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