It is very common, especially with thinner gauge metal, to apply a Hem to the edge to fold the material onto itself. This is done to add strength to the edge, remove the sharp edge, or just to make it look better. Within Inventor, the Sheet Metal Hem works similar to the Flange Feature, just without all the bells and whistles.

The first step (after starting the command) is to select the type of Hem. Inventor provides four options: Single, Double, Teardrop, and Rolled. Adjust the Gap and Length values to adjust the size of the Hem.

Inventor Hem Dialog - Types Inventor Types of Hems

Unlike its Flange cousin, Hems can only be applied one edge at time. This also means that Hems do not automatically mitre and corner cleanup when intersecting with other hems as the Flange does.However, expanding the Hem dialog, reveals the same feature length options as with the Flange Feature.

Inventor Hem Dialog - Expanded

Just because the feature doesn’t allow for auto-mitres or cut-backs in the corners doesn’t mean that you cannot apply them after

Inventor Hem - Applying Corner Seam

Inventor Hem - Corner Conditions

Simple, yet effective, applying Inventor Hems in the Sheet Metal Environment

Feature image “This is a Hem” by gosheshe