I mess with a lot of points.  Incoming and outgoing. One things we can’t seem to do, is to get all the data at once.  In the case today, I have to renumber a range of points because I will have a lot of data coming in on highway cross sections.

I renumber the points into a new range.  Usually the old existing data is best so the new data reflects the notes as it’s drawn and managed.  Civil 3D’s awesome management has created a dilemma.  Numerous groups will have the wrong point numbers associated, and all the groups will empty when the existing data i renumbered.

Can’t we code these with a checkbox that says “persistent group tracking”?


Style layers update when renamed, etc.  In this manner, the points would update the ‘Include set’ when renumbered.  This would be SO helpful, especially when I have 10 groups to alter.