I’m trying to get ready to get on a plane Thanksgiving morning, that will take me to Las Vegas with time to spare for Autodesk University 2010. Before I can go however, I have to wade through the mire of projects that have to go out, emails for meetings at Autodesk University 2010, and of course the class preparations that are still being finalized for the Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2011 that I will be teaching.

Class notes

MA319-2 Autodesk Inventor Publisher class preparation

John Evans – Wednesday, December 1st at 09:30 hours

imageI was editing my PowerPoint presentation and thought I’d write a quick note to all my attendees. I’ll be giving a presentation and discussing various aspects of Publisher’s use and implementation. Additionally I’ll do some hands-on demos and give a feel for how easy the application is to use.

One thing that was evident was that the handout is a bit….large to say the least. Is it the largest I’ve ever seen? No, but it’s big. I was kind of warned that it might be a problem, but I thought back on my experiences at AU. My favorite classes have always had REAL handouts, not just a scaled down basics, but Real, useful info that you can take back with you and use all year long. (There are two class handouts that I revisit twice a year when I need a tid-bit here and there. If you read my Autodesk University journals, you’d probably figure out who wrote those).

So I decided not to scale the handouts back. When people have a question about how Publisher does this or that, they’ll know they have a resource to start with (and no, it’s not waiting on the reseller).

Perhaps you have not made your mind up to use Publisher; You may not want to haul a large document while traveling; Following something comprehensive may be frustrating during a fast class. No Problem. The Presentation and my Demo will give you a good amount of info and things to think about, and all the recourses will be available online whenever you want them.

I was playing around with a demo a while back and thought I’d post a video to my YouTube Channel. It’s just a test run, but give it a look see.  There are a few tricks you can think about before the class.

Inventor Publisher test video

Autodesk Inventor Labs

Don’t forget besides my class presentation, I’ll be slaving for Mark Flayler of IMAGINiT as a Lab assistant. All of his classes look great. I guarantee you’ll learn something new there, so come join us.

My Autodesk University Classes and Lab work

MA322-1 Show Me the Models! 3D Product Documentation with Autodesk® Inventor® Publisher

Sam Antos – Wednesday, December 1st at 11:00 hours

Sam is an Autodesk Product Manager, and is giving a class shortly after mine on Publisher. If you are really interested in the topic, please give his class a look too. I won’t be involved in the lecture, but I might just pop in and check it out.

Meet up with us

I look forward to meeting everyone this year. DM me on twitter, or send me an email and we can hook up for a beer and a chat.

Twitter: designandmotion

email: john [at] designandmotion [dot] net