Autodesk University awards the best rated speakers with a return trip to the following event on the house, a $200 Amazon Gift card, and not to mention good odds on their next classes being selected. This year’s speaker awards are out, and if I’m not mistaken, they are not really a surprise.

imagedave espinosa-aguilar took the Lab award for  Fundamentals of Lisp and the Lecture award for Becoming an AutoCAD Power User.

dave has attended all 18 AU events, and is well known as one of the few speakers that truly and consistently absorb their audience. Thanks for raising the bar a little bit higher.

The Newbie award goes to Gayle Rose for The Need for Transient Cooling.

Unfortunately, attendees’ survey input was quite low, and as a result there are no AU Virtual Speaker awards. This is pretty bad considering I know one of the better speakers laid out more than one virtual class. I hope that next year will be better.

dave’s profile pic was taken from his AU profile, Gayle’s was unavailable.