The new year is upon us. I’m thinking back on all the events that occurred in 2010 and wondering if there is any way that 2011 can top it.  I guess my first hope is that everyone can get a job. Some companies that were able to hold on are seeing some hope, but others are far too extended to continue.  In the last weeks of 2010 GCT picked up Marek Scotka, my friend and AU 2007 survivor. His Civil 3D skills were too valuable to let get away, I hope that him moving with the rest of the team will mark the beginning of a good year in the AEC industry.

Design Industry

imageThe 2011 product releases were the best ever. Amazing new directions and capabilities added to products like Inventor and Civil 3D. Enhancements like lighting and Multi-Body modeling In Inventor, and Intersections and better GIS capabilities in Civil 3D are among the extensive list. New Tools such as Publisher and Alias Sketch Professional were added. Mobile product development and Cloud computing have emerged and permeated almost every aspect of design. Product Interoperability was jacked up substantially with AEC Exchange and Civil 3D Visualization Extensions for 3D Studio Max. I just can’t imagine what we will see this coming year.

IMAGINiT and Avatech merged to form the largest ATC training partner, with offices around the globe.

imageGrabCAD made a big entrance with a public marketplace for Designers and Engineers in a Social setting. We can showcase talents, share models, and be a part of the growing services that the site offers.

James Wedding joined the Autodesk team and is already an integral part of the AEC division. You can always see his bright, smiling face at “Ask James”. Brian Tanner joined Avatech and is bringing some spark to training in the AEC industry.

imageRob Cohee’s YouTube Channel has really taken off this year with over half a million downloads. His energy and personal touch to Inventor and the rest of the Manufacturing Solutions from Autodesk have engineers and designers actually looking forward to technical innovation videos, rather than dreading them.

Design and Motion

I’d like to thank everyone for all the interest in this site. Readership  has jumped with each new development in the Autodesk Product lines and has been my busiest year yet. Autodesk University was a roller coaster, trying to keep up with all the great people that have expressed an interest in what’s going on here.

imageThe 5 most popular Manufacturing Solutions articles were:

Coming up

I can’t say anything about the upcoming product lines because either I have agreed not to say anything, or I can’t get the goods from anyone. Flagship products are in Beta, and you can always join in and help the process. What I can talk about are some items that are planned for the first part of the 2011:

  • More Hardware reviews and new developments in the Design and Manufacturing Industry
  • Point Cloud technology research
  • Leveraging Civil 3D technologies
  • More awesome Inventor Workflows
  • A few additions here from the Autodesk Product line like Vault Professional and Algor
  • A few more of my Autodesk University highlights and perspectives (Mine, not the canned stuff)
  • and OF COURSE the 2012 releases !!

This year is going to be awesome. I expect to see new developments in Mobile and Cloud Computing technologies. I believe we will find more exciting Labs developments and the integration of successful test products in the Flagship Design products. I also hope to see better interoperability and some enhancement in the AEC exchange. We will have to wait and see what the future holds for Inventor Fusion and the DWG platform.