Its been about a month since Autodesk University concluded and it was never my intention to let my final AU post take this long to finish but time sure flies fast when you come back right into the holiday season. However, keeping in the theme of the last post here are my final notes about the event

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good

Geek talk” for almost a whole week. CAM, Inventor, Data Management, PLM, ERP, MRP, Training, Support, past, present, and future. It was awesome. So many people, everyone so willing to talk. This is hands down the best part of attending AU. [NOTE: I would however still like to learn more about how people are using PLM 360, so if anyone wants to chat let me know.]


With four classes over three days, a couple meetings with Autodesk, and a few Usability sessions I didn’t get to attend as many classes as I normally do. Other than the classes I outlined in my last post, I will say that I enjoyed PL1753 – The Data Management Avengers. It was a great class for those already using Vault as it was informal with no agenda but Autodesk was very well represented with Product Managers, Application Engineers, and Developers. There was a lot of talk about current Vault issues and discussion about the future direction of Vault. The round of applause for Error 1415 was hilarious but I think made a strong point to Autodesk that there was a serious group of people in the room.

The Bad

My predictions… no SnapChat acquisition, no Jitterbit, no Netsuite, absolutely nothing. In fact there was almost nothing on Delcam other than Autodesk is in a period of “quiet” and we won’t know anything further until at least February. My worst prediction? getting certified (huge fail). I don’t really have an excuse, other than I tried three times and was told to expect a 45-minute wait. I know, I know, didn’t stop a lot of other people including Mr. Moyse (He assured me the couches were really comfortable throughout the 45 minute wait! But he did miss out on the closing session).


The Meh

The Closing Session. I don’t want to come across harsh as I really like the idea of having a closing session right before the wrap up party, but this just lacked substance. Penn and Teller were great again but I really wanted to learn more about which Autodesk products Moon Express is using and how they are using them. I’m sure a lot of it was competitive advantage limitations, but we really didn’t get to see anything of the “how”, more just “why” and “when” they are going to the moon.

The Exhibit Hall. Other than the green pants (inside joke), I think its safe to say the idea of booths, displays, and give-aways are a dying breed. Perhaps it had more to do with not being in the market for anything but I wasn’t really wowed by anything. The CAM companies and 3D Printers were setup in many places outside the exhibit hall, so there wasn’t really anything new in this area to see inside the exhibit hall. A reseller told me that they came with a significantly smaller presence this year, due to the lack of huge sales increases as a result of being there last year.

I will say that the food in the exhibit hall each night was great, the drinks cold, and the conversation was awesome. So the time spent in the Exhibit Hall was not all to waste.

Next Year

This year was different for me in that I didn’t really go with a focus and with four classes (and other activities) I didn’t get to attend as many classes as I would have liked. My goal for next year (fingers crossed I get to go again) is to attend more of the Innovation Forums. I think these will be a great place to see what leaders are doing and see different approaches to problem solving, engineering, sales, and marketing.

If you had to limit it to one thing, what was your favourite part of Autodesk University 2013?