A common question…

I just edited my AutoCAD block, added an attribute and everything looks good. But when I save my changes and exit the block editor the attribute does not appear nor can I edit it.

To further confuse the issue, if you insert a new instance of the block the attribute appears in all its glory!

So what happened?

AutoCAD is really a database of information and it stores a block definition which is what comprises the block. You then insert instances of this block definition into your drawing. When you edit the block you are editing the block definition which in turns updates all the block instances….. except…. adding or removing attributes. Why? I don’t know, its just always been this way.

So what can I do?

Never fear, ATTSYNC is here to save the day! By using Synchronize Attributes you can force the block instances to update with changes to the block definition attributes. The workflow might give you the impression that you can update individual instances but actually by picking one of the instances all the instances will be updated