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Autodesk PLM 360 is Live

Autodesk PLM 360

That’s right folks, step right up. Autodesk announced that the famed ‘Everything Changes’ PLM cloud platform is live.

What is it?

PLM 360 is a cloud based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution. It’s a powerful and affordable alternative to the legacy PLM platforms that are currently in use. Touted to be ‘insanely’ configurable, the solution is intended to provide PLM solutions to any company, no matter what size, and anyone with the ability to use a web browser can configure it.

Autodesk stated that 30 companies participated in the BETA since Autodesk University 2011, and none took longer than 3 days to configure to their satisfaction.

Instant On

The package runs completely on the cloud, and therefore is instant on, with no on-site software and hardware requirements.  Further more PLM 360 is accessible from virtually any mobile device, 24 hours a day. Moreover, It doesn’t matter which product management application you are using, PLM 360 works with any of them. You don’t have to use Autodesk Vault in order to benefit form PLM 360. (But I would still recommend it)


I was completely surprised by this. The cost schedule is cheap:

    • 1-3 users – it’s FREE ! (this included 1 admin seat)
    • $75 per month for each additional user
    • $25 per month for viewers

There is some form of an annual based contract associated. More on that when I dig it up.

Where do I get it?

Just fill out a form and go.  Here’s the link to the main web page:

Autodesk PLM 360 pics from webcast  Autodesk PLM 360 pics from webcast

  • Scott_Moyse

    Damn it you beat me to it 🙂

    I knew I should have prepped it last night lol.

  • Scott_Moyse

    Until June 15th 2012 there’s an introductory offer of 10 seats for a $100 fixed fee for 10 months (or rather until December 2012)

  • Yep, I was all over it buddy. High Speed – Low Drag
    Wished I would have know you wanted to, you’re the expert.

  • Scott_Moyse

    not the expert yet… 🙂

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