It’s that time of the year again! Design & Motion’s Inventor 2017 Summary is here, it’s a great release where Inventor delivers new professional-grade design, interoperability and communication tools “aimed at supporting customers ever-expanding needs.

Inventor 2017 Summary - Professional Grade Tools

What may be the best news is that the majority of the updates are based on the requests of the Inventor users… more than 11,000 alpha / beta testers and the IdeaStation.

Inventor 2017 Summary

Inventor 2017 includes Professional-grade Design Tools to help you design faster and optimize performance from the outset. It includes improved Interoperability tools to help connect all aspects of your projects… regardless of the discipline. Autodesk has also enhanced the communication tools so that information can be shared to & by anyone on the team, regardless of their location or software.

Inventor 2017 Summary - Professional Grade Design Tools

We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite Inventor 2017 updates in the following posts.

Professional Grade Design with Inventor 2017

Better Presentations with Inventor 2017

Inventor 2017 3D Sketch Enhancements

Interoperability with Inventor 2017

My Take on Tube & Pipe (by Chris Benner)

We will also dive deeper in the upcoming weeks to expand on the new and improved workflows, features, and functionality.

Subscription Changes

Standard-level Inventor is no longer available on subscription, meaning there is now just one Inventor product subscription offering, Inventor Professional. New subscribers now gain access to Inventor Professional at the old Inventor standard pricing. Current Inventor subscribers will get more capability for the same price, and Inventor Professional subscribers will get the same for less. At this stage, this change only applies to Subscription users, perpetual maintenance plan customers won’t be affected.