The first post in this series will focus on the Property Conditions UI

There are a few places in Vault and its add-ins where you can perform searches on properties using conditions, Find, Category Assignment Rules and column filters etc.. the trouble is the conditions available in each tool are different.

The Find tool is missing conditions

Vault Category Rule conditions are more comprensive

 As you can see the Rule Condition Builder has:

  • starts with
  • does not start with
  • ends with
  • does not end with

The end user will use the Find tool a lot more often than the Rule Condition Builder. I’m thankful these extra rules are in the Rules Builder but they should be available throughout the software in the same format.

Now check out the options available in the similar view filters:

Vault Custom Filter Conditions are different again

When you edit the custom filter, the list of conditions is the most comprehensive yet.

So there we have it, 4 different UI’s & behaviours just for property conditions. I haven’t included any shots from the Inventor Add-in yet. I may do later on, but from memory its different again.

Do you think I should create a rating scale for the level of seriousness for each of these posts I make? Let me know.