Did you know you can overlay a PDF? Not like an image, but vectored data.  Yes siree boys and girls, you can do it, and without Raster Design.

The client wanted to control a slope, and the architect sent over a snippet of what they thought would work, in PDF.  I’d like to get the thing close to what they intended, and I don’t want to wait for a DWG file.  This example does not require anything better than a quick glance from across the room, but I’m sure you can picture something more deserving.


If the need is bad enough, we might overlay an image, and fight it in, hoping that the proportions match and there are enough references.  A PDF however is vectored (coming from a dwg plot), and will give us OSNAPS. 


Use the Civil 3D Attach from the ribbon’s Insert panel.  A dialog appears allowing the selection of the files to be attached.  Change the file type to PDF, and navigate to your reference.


Once you select the file, the rest is like inserting an image, setting insertion point an scale.


Then I used the building and parking to align and rescale the image properly.  Look a the match along the middle of the image. 


The attached PDF will allow referenced Osnaps.  Notice in the image the tooltip indicates a ‘PDF (approximate): Endpoint’. NICE !!  Now I can trace over the changes I need to incorporate quickly with some polylines and osnaps.