I was reliving problems that we had with Parcel Labels in AutoCAD Civil 3D, as far back as 4 years ago. The problem is that all the curve geometry is labeled correctly, except the chord length. Rather than re-explain the entire process, I’ll simply say that various methods were used to evaluate the curve, and only the chord length in the label is wonky. Here is the article: http://designandmotion.net/2009/civil-3d-parcel-segment-bug-again/

I thought it was a software problem, however I think I have it figured out.

It is a Slope Issue

I decided that there must be something in that curve geometry that is causing the problem. I decided to check the elevations along the parcel (which many hold as a flat value). Sure enough, the curve had a slope.

Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D Parcel Label Error Fixed

A quick change of everything back to 0, and the labels behave.

Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D Parcel Label Error Fixed

Notice the chord value changes, but nothing else does.

Clearly there is a problem in how the chord is calculated in the label, vs. the Parcel Vista and the like. Keep this in mind the next time your labels don’t reflect compatible data. If this helped anyone, please leave us a comment.