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Getting Sketch-y with Autodesk Inventor 2015

Inventor 2015 is here with a lot of new features, something for everyone, so it might be easy to miss the powerful new features contained within the Sketch Environment. In this post Mike takes a deeper dive into what’s new within the sketch environment. Continue Reading

Got a varies stuck in your Inventor BOM?

The Autodesk Inventor yellow varies cell of hell can be a right pain in the BOM to figure out. But Design and Motion have an easy solution to troubleshoot your way out of this mess, click through to check it out.Continue Reading

DIY CNC Machining from Scratch | The Electronics

In this post, the 2nd in a series, Gavin takes us through the steps he went through to design and build the electronics system for his DIY CNC mill conversion.Continue Reading

Autodesk Product & Factory Design Suite 2015 Released

Autodesk have released their 2015 manufacturing products this morning. We have details on both the Product and Factory design suites. AutoCAD, Inventor & Simulation feature strongly this year as well some upgrades & nice additions. Nevertheless, at this moment in time, there are still some grey areas.Continue Reading

Morgan 3 Wheeler Advert Competition – Final Call!

It’s the final countdown, we have a summary of all the information we have provided so far, so there really is no excuse to get an entry in. You still have time!Continue Reading

How do I deal with style differences in Autodesk Inventor?

Scott explains why Autodesk Inventor returns an error stating style definitions differ in the template from those in the style library, as well as sharing a fixContinue Reading