Inventor 2019.2 is now available and its plump full of killer enhancements.  Many are highly requested features made by us, the customers. I’m very impressed by this mid-year release and I’ve only just started to use it. I’m particularly impressed by the Frame Generator enhancements. This environment hasn’t seen loving like this in some time. I’m also sure that many will be stoked that Inventor (finally) includes a spell checker!

Inventor 2019.2 General

With no browser panel showing, use the icon in the upper left of the graphics display for a list of available browser panels for the active document.


If Engineers are known for just one thing, it would be their great ability at spelling. So its a bit surprising that Autodesk would spend resources on a feature that I’m sure will be hardly used (I’m just joking). Yep, after all these years, Inventor finally provides a spell checker!

Enabled by default, it works like many other applications. Misspelled words are identified by a red-scriggly. Right-click on the word for options, which includes suggestions, the ability to ignore or add the word to the dictionary, and quick access to the settings. The Spell Check Settings are additionally available from the Application Options.

Inventor 2019.2 Spell Check Menu

The Spell Check Options provide the ability to enable options to ignore things like capitalized words, uppercase words, words with numbers, and others.

Inventor 2019.2 Spell Check Options

In the Application Options (Color tab) use the new Section Solid Texture option to switch from the traditional gray color texture to the texture of your choice.

Inventor 2019.2 Section Solid Texture

Within the iLogic Rule Editor enable the new Detailed Trace checkbox to automatically log messages when running a rule at the Trace level. This setting controls LogicVb.Automation.LogControl.RuleEntryExitMessageLevel.

Inventor 2019.2 iLogic Detailed Trace

Inventor 2019.2 Drawings

Inventor 2019.2 ups the performance for cut views. Accomplished by only updating affected parts, you should see a noticeable improvement with section views, detail views, broken views, breakout views, and cropped views.

Weld Symbols, End Fills, and Surface Textures now include presets for saving reusable drawing annotations.


An interesting one… Overlay views are no longer restricted to just Positional Representations. Now, any View rep is applicable. The thought here is you could use this to emphasize particular components within the view. I like this, think it is going to change our detailing for assemblies for the better.

Inventor 2019.2 Content Center Search Enhancements

Both the Advanced Search and Basic tab categories are now located in the Quick Search pane within the Content Center Editor.

Also, save a Content Center search query while the search results are displayed.

Inventor 2019.1 Save Search Query

Inventor 2019.2 Frame Generator

Both Miter and Notch now include multiple member options to apply the feature to multiple members at the same time (yah!). Highly requested and obvious to see how it will save significant time.



Saving the best for last as the File Naming Defaults might just be the best enhancement within 2019.2. As a Vault Administrator, it is a nightmare to rein in frame generated components. You can establish standards, but nothing forces people to follow them. And the one common thing with all people on computers is poor file management!

Inventor 2019.2 File Naming Defaults

Autodesk has really thought of everything. You can configure the defaults with static values or by utilizing three different attributes. In my environment, I’ll be able to configure this as a set-it-and-forget-it for the users. They’ll be able to use the Frame Generator to their heart’s content and not have to worry about file names or file locations at all.

It sure looks like they are setting this up to allow for naming defaults for other environments too.



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