Autodesk snuck in an update to Inventor (Inventor 2020.2) just before Autodesk University started. This update focuses almost solely on customer-requested enhancements, which is always a good place to start.

Fixed Issues

As per any update, Inventor 2020.2 includes a swath of fixed issues. This ranges from 3D annotations (tolerance annotation creation) to translators. You can read the entire list here.

What’s New?

I could provide the entire list here, but Autodesk already has published the list (read it here). So, here are my favorites.


You can now copy a table and paste it into the same drawing sheet! (An Inventor Ideas submission). I know, I know, simple but so frustrating when you couldn’t do it.

Tolerance Analysis Not Installed

I feel this is the first of many. If Tolerance Analysis is not installed, the button shows a downwards arrow indicating it is not currently installed and must be downloaded. Selecting the button initiates the download.

Download Tolerance Analysis

I like it – opposed to not showing the icon and me missing out on potential killer features, I see it and it helps me get it.

Streamlined DWG Export

Outside the renaming of the DWG Save As dialogs, the process is streamlined with a new set-it-and-forget option. Disable the Always Prompt prompt to not see the dialog on each save as.

Feature Enhancements

The Allow Center Point Creation option in Holes is now remembered (yah!)

Allow Center Point Creation

Presets now capture the Boolean output (Join, Cut, and New Solid)

Frame Generator

Frame Generator got a bunch of loving:

  • Use the new Category drop-down (Insert and Change) to quickly filter the family list by the category
  • Reuse and Change/Reuse commands now display end treatments and user edits in the preview
  • While using the frame angle manipulator hold & drag the manipulator arrow (or double click the arrow) to snap to 45-degree increments

Tube & Pipe

Take advantage of these updates:

  • Derived routes now ignore construction geometry during the selection
  • When placing a fitting use the new right-click menu options to invoke the desired filter (Default, Points, and Lines)

Getting the Update

You’ll find the update in your Autodesk Desktop App as well as in the Updates section in your Autodesk Account.