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Mike & Olly’s London to Paris Bike Ride

Mike Watkins and his mate Olly Shropshire are riding for charity between Londong & Paris in June this year. We thought D&M should drum up some extra support and spread the word.Continue Reading

Design & Motion gets more social

Design & Motion have been getting more social recently, take a look at our new places to hangout and chat.Continue Reading

News | 5 Fun Facts about the Number 44

Today I had an urge, an urge to write about the number 44. Weird aye? To overcome this urge and move on with my life, I figured I should blog 5 facts about the number 44.Continue Reading

Autodesk Simulation Mechanical | What’s New for 2013

Mike Smell discusses the majority of improvements included in this year’s release of Autodesk Simulation Mechanical 2013 at the Media Summit in San Francisco. Here’s the details.Continue Reading

Autodesk Media Summit 2012 Keynote Speech Part 6

Eric Wilhelm delivers the final keynote on the maker revolution at AutodeskContinue Reading

Autodesk Media Summit 2012 Keynote Video Part 5

Brian Matthews discusses Reality Capture at AutodeskContinue Reading