Today I had an urge, an urge to write about the number 44. Weird aye? To overcome this urge and move on with my life, I figured I should blog 5 facts about the number 44.

5. Fragile but ‘Agile’

John may still think he’s agile but as he ages, he most certainly will be becoming more fragile. It was also the name of a famous WWII fighter built in 1944 with the serial number 44-12016:

1944 Mustang WWII aircraft P-51K-10 (serial number 44-12016)

This beauty was piloted by Lt. Bert Lee Jr and was credited with 2 confirmed victories during WWII.

4. #44 has been retired

The number 44 is very famous within the ‘Football’ ranks at Syracuse University. A number of legends wore it, such as Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Floyd Little and Rob Konrad. Unlike John, the number 44 was officially retired in 2005.

Ernie Davis was the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy in 1961. What a Legend!

3. +44

44 is the international dialling code for the greatest country in the world! hehe

God Save the Queen!

2. 44’s a Happy Number

If you replace 44 with the sum of the squares of its digits and repeat the process, eventually the answer will equal 1. This makes the number 44 a Happy Number! John’s a happy guy, but I wonder if John is happy reading this today?

Route 44 runs through New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island & Massachusetts

1. Happy Birthday

I remembered why I had the urge to write about the number 44, Happy Birthday John! I thought it was only fair that I shared some photos with our readers, courtesy of his beautiful wife.



John rocking his bi-focals! Like a fine Cabrales, he only gets better with age…

Cheers for all your help and support this year John you’re a bloody legend. Have a great day