G’day Mates!  I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself and let you know of some new and exciting things happening at Design & Motion.

As you know, D&M is a very Autodesk-centric blog and the owners of the site are working on diversifying the content.  Therefore, they invited me to join their list of authors to provide new content on other CAD tools.  In my case, Siemens PLM Systems’ Solid Edge.

About Me

I have been using Solid Edge in a production environment since version 9 or 10.  With the current release called ST9, it’s hard to know how many releases it has been, so I’ll just say around 15 years.  During that time, I’ve used Solid Edge for tool design, fixtures, gages, detailed product design, castings, machining, forgings, extrusions, assemblies, weldments, sheet metal, and of course drawings.  In addition to being a CAD user, I’ve been a CAD manager, a CAD administrator, and a CAD trainer.  I’m also a licensed professional engineer in Arizona and am a certified CMII Professional (that’s configuration management).  To say it succinctly, I’m not just a CAD jockey.

With this background, I’m going to bring you two kinds of content.  The first is practical application of the tool.  The usual tips-n-tricks, best practices, and other ways to actually utilize Solid Edge to get most value from it.  The other is the theoretical functionality of the tool.  What features are available, how they work, and the interesting things that you can create with them.  Hopefully, you’ll get inspired to explore Solid Edge and find new ways to be productive.

New Content

To provide a highlight of upcoming ideas in store, I put together an outline of my publishing schedule:

  • Data Management Monday: Covers topics about data management, server settings, Windows Explorer, File Locations, Release status, best practices, Life Cycle Management, PDM Systems that are available – but not details using the actual system.  That’s up to you and your company procedures.
  • Tips Tuesday: The regular tips-n-tricks type content.
  • What’s New Wednesday: Covers functionality listed in the “What’s New” document of the latest release of Solid Edge.
  • Thorough Thursday: Deep dive into all the intricacies of a specific feature: extrude, revolve, sweep, loft, etc. and compares to other methods of creating the same geometry.
  • Synchronous Saturday: All about the best ways to transition to synchronous, discussing not just functionality, but also processes and best practices.
  • Simulation Sunday: Exploring the functionality inside Solid Edge Simulation, the built-in FEA tool of the Solid Edge Premium license.

I’m hoping to start publishing in November, after Solid Edge University.  But don’t expect an article every day of the week.  I’m afraid life does have some other priorities.  But at least this way, you’ll know when to check back and what kind of article will be posted.  Speaking of Solid Edge University…

Solid Edge University

That’s right!  The annual user group meeting is coming up soon.  SEU is being held in Indianapolis Oct 25-27, 2016.  I’ll be there, for the first time as a true user and I plan on taking full advantage that the status provides: classes, certification, reception, EVERYTHING.  But, of course, I’ll be back here the following week giving a write-up of the event and then starting to provide regular content based on the above outline.


Thanks to D&M for welcoming me into their family.  I hope to provide unique and interesting content several days a week on Solid Edge.  Look for me at Solid Edge University and let me know if there is anything specific you’d like to read about.  Visit me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.