Over the next few months Design and Motion hope to add a few guest writers. Ideally some of them will get hooked and grow into regular contributors eventually becoming Design and Motion authors. Today I’d like to introduce Gavin Bath to all of our readers, I’ve had the great fortune to work with Gavin over the last couple of years via SMI‘s (my employer, yes unfortunately blogging doesn’t pay the bills) Autodesk reseller. I’ve even had the pleasure of helping him out on occasion, although the last coupe of weeks have most certainly been biased in his favor due to some gnarly Autodesk Vault replication problems.

Gavin Bath

Gavin specialises in both Autodesk Vault & Inventor, but crucially he’s a tad handy with C# & Inventor iLogic, a rare set of skills indeed. I’m personally looking forward to some of his posts showing how he is using digital prototyping to help him manufacturing components on his CNC. Design and Motion are honoured to have him on board & look forward to him growing into a regular part of our readers blogging travels. I’ll let Gavin tell you more about himself by prompting you to go & check out his bio. Oh & make sure you go and follow him on Twitter.