Shortly after purchasing HSMWorks, Autodesk announced the Beta trial for HSM Express, the free 2.5D version of the integrated CAM software. After substantial testing, the company has released HSM Express to the commercial market. HSM Express offers

  • 2.5D milling
  • Autodesk Inventor Integration
  • Post Processing
  • Tuned Toolpaths
  • much more

Autodesk HSM Express Available Free

Come and Get it

What do you need to run HSM Express?

  • A valid license of any Autodesk Inventor product
  • A computer capable of running Inventor
  • *Serial communication port or similar device

The link to download the software can be found here:

“Serial communications included in Inventor HSM Edit requires that you have a physical and properly functioning RS232 Serial Port on your Workstation or PC. The serial port can be a physical serial port (DB9 – more common, or DB25), a serial communications card (PCI, etc.), or a USB to Serial Converter (typically a USB to DB9 Serial Converter/Adaptor).” Per Autodesk requirements list

This can be a significant issue for some users wanting to start out using smaller CAM systems, but I think by and large if you have CAM running, then that system has serial communications that will satisfy the requirements.

Autodesk HSM Express Available Free