I think someone should start a website dedicated to identifying all the pitfalls that are associated to a particular activity.  They could call it “so you thought you’d like to”. I would definitely support them…well not financially of course because no one ever had the “so you thought you’d like to be a technical journalist” web page.  If they had, I’d probably be doing something else with my time that actually made money, and would gladly hand some of that over. They could have a tip jar….I need a tip jar.

So I thought I’d customize my own website.  In turn it is trying to suck every ounce of time and desire out of me.  I’d be successful if I wanted to study php (I never knew what that was), SQL and web design, but that’s not what I wanted to do.  Could I add it to my resume, sure.  It would go in the huge stack of there things like access database designer, .NET Programmer, Advanced Resin Design and Application specialist, and Manufacturing process troubleshooter.  All those cool things that don’t make me any money either.

I started this new web site thinking I could do so much more than just a basic blog, offering so much more to the community. I spend so much time trying to troubleshoot why something is glitching out on a web page, that I don’t actually get to bring anything useful to the site. After trying this and that, I realize that most folks just want their info, and will move on.  It’s funny, that’s what some of my friends in the upper food chain told me a year and a half ago. 


And when the dust settles, my site is not much more than it was to begin with.  furthermore the hilarious thing is the site name.  I think people actually liked “From civil to Inventor” better.  It’s so funny, I mean I’m laughing (or crying, it’s hard to tell). I need Steve Johnson to do a poll for me. 

  • You liked the old name and intent “From Civil to Inventor” better
  • You like the new name and intent “Design and Motion” better
  • You think John is a big fat dummy
  • You can’t vote because you are too busy laughing at the big fat dummy
  • You just wanted your information so you could move on

Did you know that I once worked with a Flight Simulation group, and was adjusting simulated cockpits and mapping 3D terrain of various parts of the world.  I was trained to start, fly, and maintain an F-16; I love to fly.  I haven’t seen the inside of an F-16 cockpit real or simulated in over 3 years.

My friends of old, and a few people I’d like to get to know better are playing online games like XBox and PS2. I’d like to get in there with them all, but noooo, I got a web site to design.

Screw that… When I’m rich I’ll hire someone.

I want to go back to writing. I want to play with my toys.  Inventor is calling my name. Publisher is screaming play with me!!! If I want to spend 3 weeks studying something, it will be Navisworks, not php.