Sick of changing these settings all the time?

Do you find yourself swearing at Inventor when you have to repetitively set the font, size & color of your sketch text in the part environment? It used to really get my goat that the dialogue was identical to the one in the drawing environment, but the text style drop down is permanently greyed out and set to ‘Default ANSI’ or ‘Default ISO’ depending on your default standard. I just wanted to pick my own Style which had the presets I use most often and couldn’t. But there is a sneaky undocumented work around which works a treat.

If you were to go and take a look in the styles & within all the Inventor folders on your local drive, for any trace of a text style named ‘Default ANSI’ or ‘Default ISO’ etc then you won’t find anything. It must be some kind of hardcoded or embedded style in Inventor’s code. So the trick is to create a text style matching the exact name of the style you can’t find, then just configure it with the settings you are so fed up with selecting each time you create a new text box.

Create a new text style with an identical name as the ‘greyed out’ text style in the text editor

Next time you create a text box in a sketch all of your settings will be just so, if you’ve been creating a tonne of CNC cut files requiring text engraving with Inventor, its at this point you may weep a little (I did).

Lovely Jubbly check that out! Perfect settings every time

Thanks to the individual who shared this solution with me a number of years ago via the Autodesk Discussion Forums. I hope by passing on the love some of you guys will find it handy.