Chris Bradshaw discussed the 6 Autodesk University events that have taken place this year. At this event 9400 people registered.
Chris mentioned Autodesks involvement in molecular modeling, a new realm of bio engineering for the company.

Andrew Anagnost – Leading the Cloud Transformation
Andrew discussed changing the way that people work, and how the cloud is reaching out to a whole new group of users. The most notable item of discussion is that the notion of owning software is being diminished in favor of the ability to access the software you actually need.

Autodesk 360 has over 23 million accounts 
Infraworks has over 3800 managed projects
Hatch Mott McDonald is using infraworks
Sim 360 142000 solultions
Plm 360 has 10000 users with 60000 workspaces

Amar Hanspal – Autodesk 360 preview
Amar mentioned that the computing capabilities of the cloud have matured sufficiently to help resolve many of the challenges we have. While I may not agree with the comment completely, the user experience on the cloud is becoming useful.
Autodesk 360 is designed to help users connect and be informed about the project. Great collaborative space for team members  Another point is that Autodesk 360 is intended to serve users regardless of what software vendor they use.
Showcase 360 integrated into Autodesk 360 allowing users to automatically render a design and apply materials and generate a preview that is posted to the team for review.
Simulation integration is delivered with forceeffect handing static and kinematic calculations.

Brenda Discher – next generation of digital prototyping
Brensa discussed the nature of a change in the way the manufacturing industry will behave.  Brenda is always a high energy speaker and she really delivered a great discussion on new ideas populating.
Things are more open
Local onshore trending
Brendas 16 year-old fixed the dishwashing machine with a printed component .
She discussed the successes of each of the 360 products and announced the official integrated Cam 360.
Brenda also made a carefuk point to note that 90% of Fusion users are new to autodesk. This point is the most commonly repeated statement at this conference – the focus on a completely new user base.

Carl bass and jeff kowalski close with q&a
One response I particularly enjoyed was from jeff. He discussed that the maurity of service is countries is maturing rapidly, but some lag in connectivity infrastructure and societies adoption of sharing will occur. However the boost in economic capability will drive many small regions to adopt these new ways of working and collaboration.

Also discussed was Autodesk remote, designed to connect you back to your desktop. In design is the ability to run the flagship products such as Inventor, and that other stuff. The techmologyndriving the connectivity is OTOY.