Now that 2011 is no longer a secret, we can discuss Dynamic Simulation more. The better you understand Dynamic Simulation, the faster you will be getting the results you need. The first thing to consider is how to simplify your simulation.

Why simplify?

The Dynamic Simulation Environment will not use the assembly constraints currently in place.  Instead it uses its own joints. While Assembly constraints can be converted into joints, this conversion can be riddled with problems and quite troublesome.  We will discuss that at a later time, just be aware that the conversion process can often be a huge waste of time. In many cases we need to create joints manually. The fewer components, the fewer joints to be established.

Make Assemblies that contain only the components that are needed

You can create a simulation assembly that only contains the components that interact.  If only a third of the components move and contact one another, then having the other two-thirds in the assembly might be pointless, and the time taken to create the joints a waste.

Sub-assemblies are treated as a Welded Group

Another option is to create sub-assemblies tailored to the Simulation Environment.  Dynamic Simulation will calculate everything in a sub-assembly as a single object.  We can simplify by grouping components that move as a single unit, into sub-assemblies prior to placement.  Then we place them into our Simulation Assembly file.

image  .

In the image above, the Cam Follower is preassembled. Dynamic Simulation sees it as a single object, and once a joint is applied, it is organized with the mobile groups as a single component.



You can do things any way you like.  You have a beautifully assembled group of components and you don’t want to redo it, or create a new assembly. Ok, you don’t have to…But as we continue future discussions, you will see that you may wish you had.

Just consider that as the simulation proceeds, changes will need to be made, and the simulation run again and again.  The sooner you simplify your simulation, the faster you will get results, and make changes.