The implementation of the Ribbon in Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 brought with it significant improvements in workflow for numerous object including Parcels. If you have been using the Parcel Layout Tools for most of your editing, you may want to look at that Ribbon again.


Edit Geometry through the Modify Tab

The Modify Tab contains various tools for object editing like various entities like Polylines, but includes Civil 3D objects as well such as Feature Lines and Parcel Segments as well.


These make short work of trimming and joining Parcel Segments, and some tools do great work on polyline segments too. Dig in and see what they can do for you. The key here is the nature of the workflow. Intuitive design allows you to perform applicable edits on anything you are working with. Polylines, Feature Lines, Parcels, no matter. Just head to the modify tab of the ribbon.

*TIP – When adding joining AutoCAD entities into Parcel Segments, make sure you convert lines into Polylines before using the tool.

Parcel Layout Tools are still important

The Parcel Layout Tools are still quite important.


Overall Parcel geometry management and creation tools are there and a few specific editing features you can’t really get anywhere else, such as the Sub-entity geometry dialog, and Parcel merge.

*Tip – Try freezing Parcels on other sites so that editing does not affect wrong overlapping Parcel Segments.

If you are struggling with Parcel editing, try the tools available on the Modify Tab. You may see a significant improvement in productivity (and less of frustration).