image I consider myself a fairly rigid and professional guy.  I am not known for outbursts: happy or sad, sober or otherwise, with friends or professional associates.  I am just plagued with tunnel vision about a goal and am happy to be working on it.  Kind of (overly) intense about my Autodesk stuff really.

There was learning to speak Japanese; getting my certifications; getting the blog up and running; and getting picked up as an author. All long, stressful, consuming events.

Then there was this Beta Contest. 

The contests were to use the Beta we were testing beyond the normal uses, to weed out more of the bugs.  I worked hard on it.  You’d see me at supper somewhere with a spreadsheet and me drawing all over some diagram.  My wife gets frustrated and says “You go be with wife numba two” in her best foreign accent.  She gets angry and frustrated about the various goals, but she is a trooper when I need her.  When it hits the fan, she starts pushing forward, and whips out the umbrella.  I still have to clean up the mess; I am the one who started the mess, so I’ll be the one cleaning it up.  This time it was a roof problem the lousy contractor left for us to fix.  It waited and she waited.  The weekend following the contest entry, I was introducing my boys to attic work.  Yea!

An email from a good friend

I got an email from my buddy Dan, with some kind of congratulations.  Well that’s nice, but “what’s up guy?”  The Inventor 2011 Beta contest winners were announced.

I will go through each one in my next posting.  In this post however I wanna talk briefly about Contest 3, Simulation winner.


ME BABY, I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HAHAAAAA!

Apparently someone like my VAO nozzle, or how I worked it through.  Thank you God, cause I needed something to justify all that time spent.  I did learn a LOT about simulation, organization, and working with a laptop with only 2 gig of ram and an old one-core processor. So that’s why I’m doing the happy dance on my desk. (the video has no sound thank God)

Please check back soon as I will get the press release out, as soon as I get it approved.  The contestants all worked hard to get their designs beyond expectations, and deserve some attention.