Kevin Schneider announced new features for Autodesk Fusion at Autodesk University 2011. The new product will incorporate three new improvements.  Cloud, Assemblies, and Mac.

Before getting to the goods, Kevin relayed an interesting statistic. Autodesk Labs delivers 3500 downloads each week for Fusion, making it one of the three top Autodesk Labs products of all time. Where else are you going to get a full featured direct modeler with super interoperability for free. No brainer.

Autodesk Inventor Fusion TP for Mac

Cloud Accessibility

The new Technology Preview will now sport full Cloud accessibility, allowing users to seamlessly access and store their designs easily, and use them with the impending storm of Cloud enabled applications. One point he mentioned during his demo was that everything he was accessing live in the demo was on the Autodesk Cloud. It was a nice touch.

Assembly Capabilities

By far one of the things I loved the most at AU, the inclusion of Assemblies in Autodesk Fusion. Kevin’s demo was sweet. The video below has the last few seconds of the workflow (I was trying to charge my camera 🙂 ).

Autodesk Inventor Fusion TP for MacSome of the highpoints of the new preview are:

  • Real-world Mechanical terms for Joints – delivers a much more intuitive workflow
  • Grip assembly mechanics – easy drag and drop assembly workflows that produce preview of kinematic type.
  • No limitations to modeling space – Users can actively sketch and model anywhere in the context of the assembly, and decide later if they want to create a new component, or add features to existing components.
  • Really hot new improvements in the usability and ease of use of Fusion itself, including new manipulators that adapt to the view perspective of the user and model.

Mac Platform

    Mac is a big ticket item with Autodesk as they continue to expand their product line to an ever increasing adoption of the Mac  computer platform. Now Fusion will be provided as a “fully native written Mac application” Kevin noted as responded to questions about quasi-Mac virtualization. “No smoke and mirrors, no parallels, no virtualization”. Kevin added that the entire demo was done using a 13″ Macbook Air. Wow.
Kevin Schneider announces Assemblies in Fusion for Mac platform


Autodesk Inventor Fusion Facebook Page QR CodeAutodesk Labs will have the new preview in the Spring of 2012. To get updates on the progress, you can follow the team on the Official Fusion Facebook Page, or by following @ADSKCommunity on twitter.

If people weren’t using Fusion before due to application limitations, I don’t think you’ll have many reasons not to now. Personally, I can’t wait. Where’s my new Mac Book?

Additional Images


Autodesk Inventor Fusion TP for Mac

Autodesk Inventor Fusion TP for Mac

All images courtesy of Autodesk, Inc.