Autodesk Files for Restructuring

Monica Schnitger reported that Autodesk filed for restructuring with the SEC in order to balance both staff and facilities. Apparently Autodesk said that the filing was a relatively minor one, involving $15 million USD in restructuring and $12 Million USD in one-time employee layoff benefits. The filing was stated to contained the following statement:

“The Company is taking these actions to re-balance staffing levels to better align them with the evolving needs of the business. While the Company is reducing its staffing levels areas in the near-term, the Company will increase staffing in areas where there is increased demand and opportunity.”

Nothing is currently available on who gets laid-off, when, or how, nor what facilities will be affected.



Autodesk to End Retail Software Upgrades in 2015

Martyn Day of Develop 3D mentioned that as of February 1st, 2015, Autodesk would no longer upgrade their retail software. This would indicate a complete shift to subscription purchases of the products, or at least that if retail boxes continued to be sold, upgrade price reduction options would no longer be available.

This report has yet to be confirmed, however it would fit well within the current expansion into the cloud and the continued funneling of user accounts to subscription.